Marine Conservation & Science

The Bertarelli Foundation provides global leadership in promoting marine conservation and science. The trustees believe that if mankind is to use the ocean as a source of food and recreation, then it is also mankind’s responsibility to ensure that the future of the ocean is safeguarded.

Inheriting their love of sailing from Fabio Bertarelli and having spent much of their lives on the water, the Bertarelli family are particularly aware of the challenges and threats faced by the marine environment. They have seen first-hand the decline of the ocean as a result of unsustainable fishing, irresponsible tourism and uncontrolled development.  That is why they are committed to changing perceptions and behaviours and why the Foundation has worked with a number of governmental bodies and NGOs to create and enforce a series of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around the world.

To better understand the protection provided by MPAs and the impact they have on the wider health of the ocean, the Foundation developed the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science to initiate collaborative research by the world’s best marine scientists. This research will be critical in driving forward the ongoing debate about how best to protect the marine environment and in securing further action.