Communicating Marine Science

The link between the health of the ocean and the health of the planet is increasingly recognised within the scientific community.  Unfortunately the connection between the ocean and its role sustaining life on Earth is not widely understood by the general public and even by political leaders.  Recognising this, and mindful of the ever-present threats faced by the ocean, the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science aims to make marine conservation a mainstream topic of conversation and to help build a more ocean-friendly society.

Research from the Programme’s scientists will be made available on a platform accessible by members of the public, MPA managers and other scientists.  This will help inform public perceptions, but also advance scientific understanding and management of MPAs around the world.

An important component of our Programme is its annual marine science symposium.  Presenting science from the Bertarelli Programme in Marine Science as well as other relevant scientists and experts, this event will help publicise and explain its findings.