The Bertarelli Foundation helps to clean up Lake Geneva

Net’Léman, the 6th annual Lake Geneva Cleaning Day, took place this week when enthusiastic volunteers helped to clear the lake of waste and rubbish in an event which was supported by the Bertarelli Foundation.

Despite the rainy weather, hundreds of volunteers and 270 divers cleaned the shores and waters of the lake. Later, they moved on to the task of sorting the waste which is always an interesting part of the day. Among the 10 tons collected from the various locations around the lake, there were some unexpected discoveries:  two safes (empty!) one microwave, three TVs, an old typewriter and even a revolver…!

Net’Léman is always a great occasion for the local community to come together and show their commitment to the preservation of their local environment in a friendly atmosphere.  Children had the opportunity to enjoy the various animations and workshops organised in the nine areas by the side of the lake. This year the main theme was water saving and how uncontrolled waste and pollution can ruin natural resources.