Marine conservation and science workshop is held in Geneva’s Campus Biotech

In partnership with the Zoological Society of London, The Bertarelli Foundation convened a three-day workshop in Geneva to develop a coordinated approach to marine science – particularly megafauna science – in the British Indian Ocean Territory’s Marine Protected Area (MPA).

An international team of 25 scientists and conservationists from 18 organisations and six countries met at the Campus Biotech building for over three days of presentations and discussions.  The participants agreed a vision, mission and values for science in the MPA as well as nine key objectives which will help scientists to answer important questions about the territory’s important biodiversity. On the basis of this workshop, the participants developed an outline five-year science plan.

It was agreed the best way to address the knowledge gap in the Chagos Archipelago would be through a collaborative and coordinated approach and the creation of a scientific consortium – an exciting idea which the Foundation will develop in the months ahead.

Chagos has huge potential to teach us more about large marine reserves, about the species that inhabit them, and their role in the context of the Indian Ocean and beyond. The research planned has huge potential to inform how reserves can be more effectively managed and, therefore, to drive conservation globally.

We’ll bring you Mmre on these plans shortly.